Mrs Williams

Jubilee 2012

on 04/06/2012

Now, I must start this with a somewhat controversial statement. I love the Queen! I know there are lots of issues with monarchy, but I think ours is something to be proud of. Politically I think it’s great to have a national figurehead and ambassador who is not tied to political standpoint, and who does not represent government decisions. Economically, the royal family bring in tons of money to the UK economy and frankly, our current queen has shown a massive amount of class and dignity through hundreds of world changes and difficult situations, so I’m a fan. I’ve had some red, white and blue cupcakes today, and I’m enjoying the jubilee coverage on TV.Its nice to have something to celebrate in this country!!

However, watching this jubilee stuff is interesting. Our country are celebrating BIG time this weekend, because someone has done a job she was born into and had no choice about for 60 years at no personal cost or sacrifice really, whilst living a life of luxury. Do you know what Jubilee actually means?

The word Jubilee comes from the bible, and describes the ancient law that at the end of seven cycles of seven years, so every 49 years, debts were cancelled, slaves were freed and lands were returned to their original owners. This was the jubilee year, recognising that God actually owns everything, so noone should hold onto anything for too long.


The significance that this kind of action would have on our society is unimaginable!

Here’s a jubilee worth getting involved with

This would be something worth really celebrating!!!


One response to “Jubilee 2012

  1. lulastic says:

    Eeep! I have written quite a similar post, published on same day, but just so yiu know I was camping on Mon- scheduled post last Fri. Phew. Don’t want you thinking I’m plagiarising or nuffink.
    Hard not to think about an original jubilee eh?
    I got my facts a bit wrong though.

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