Mrs Williams

An Anniversary Craft

on 27/06/2012

So this weekend is mine and Matt’s first wedding anniversary (more about that tomorrow). As I am currently still waiting to start a job, I dont have masses of cash to splash on a gift, and was struggling for inspiration. The first anniversary is ‘paper’ so I looked at various posters or books, but was struggling to find anything I could afford that he’d actually like.

However, our ‘study’ seems to be full of pics of Matt’s family. He collected a lot when he had his own flat to decorate, but I really dont have many pictures of my family, so the study had become a shrine to all things Williams. For a few weeks I’d thought it’d be good to get a big frame to put multiple pictures in so we could consolidate a bit. Also, photos are made of PAPER, so I felt i’d hit on an idea.  I looked at a few things like this

but I did sort of think it’d be nice to make something instead. So a couple of days ago on Pinterest I saw this…


ooooh that got me inspired, so I decided to have a go. My final result is not as snazzy as this, but it actually fits in really well with the decor in our house and I just think its super cute and personal. So I just got a plain pine frame, taped some string to the back of it and then starting pegging stuff. The only real expense was 1) the frame and 2) getting some lovely scrapbooking paper to make the letters. The photos are just printed at home onto photo paper and that means its very easy to change them when we have more up to date ones (I dont know if you can see, but one of the pics is of Matts brother and his wife in hospital after having their new baby on Sunday…we will have a better photo of the beautiful Lily soon!!) The total time spent was about an hour, and I think it looks pretty darn cool. Matt loves it and now we can put some of the older pics in a box or an album 🙂



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