Mrs Williams

Thrifty Thursday – Getting my crochet on

on 03/08/2012

So, Im a little embarassed about my last post…pretty emo…but its also true so for now I’m leaving it up.


However, in the meantime, I wanted to write a quick post about my new love – Crochet!!!

I learned in April (my mother in law is excellent and taught me in about ten minutes!!!) and immediately loved it! Unlike my knitting efforts last year, I quickly got the hang of crochet sufficiently to make stuff! and I love it. As I am currently living with unemployment (although I finally have a start date for my new job!!) its been a great way to fill the time without spending TOO much money.

Dont get me wrong, wool aint cheap. Or rather GOOD wool aint cheap. I learned this the hard way when I tried to use cheap wool from the post office and produced something that would only be appropriate at a Salvation Army Home League (if you’ve ever been to one, you know what I mean…the wool they use to knit little army ladies!!) However, for a special and personal gift, this is such a good investment! I made a blanket for my friend Carla to give her as a wedding present, one for my brother as a graduation gift (he wanted Lord of the Rings colours so it was manly…) and most recently a throw for my friends new house because she has bought charity shop furniture and wanted some things to make it more homely. To try to buy something THAT special and THAT personal, would cost me a whole ton more than the wool costs (I’ve never spent more than £30 on all the wool for one blanket) and I love making stuff for people I care about.

The stuff i’ve made isnt perfect, its pretty obviously home-made (mostly because I ignore most of the instructions about tension, and blocking, and what are other, probably very important, finishing touches) but its so cute! I’ve never been very creative, I cant draw or paint or come up with exciting ideas, but crochet is just about counting…and I can do that! and then somehow I have created something and I’m pretty darn proud of it.




















But then my previously mentioned excellent mother-in-law told me some stuff about prayer shawling. The idea of making something but praying over it, and praying for the person you’re making it for whilst you’re making it. And then them using it in their own prayers, like a big ol blessing they can just wrap themselves in, maybe when it’s just too hard to find the words to pray. Check this out  I think there’s something pretty beautiful about that, and it makes me even more excited about the crafting opportunities of this. Quite how it will continue once I’ve got a job will be interesting to see, but it definitely chills me out to sit and do this in front of the telly so I do think it’s something I’ll carry on with! I am sort of running out of people to make blankets for though, so might need to learn how to make something else soon!



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