Mrs Williams

I’m back!!

on 18/01/2013

Hi there, it’s been a while…you’re looking fabulous by the way…

I’ve been a bit useless haven’t I?! I am hanging my head in shame of course. There are a couple of reasons for it. But the main one is that I was really good at blogging when I was at uni and when I was unemployed, but a full time job sure did hit me hard in terms of time to write, and indeed time to do most of the fun things I liked.

I’ve also struggled a bit with quite why I write a blog and what it should be about.  But new year and all that, i thought it was about time I get back in touch and I plan this year to continue filling you in, with a particular focus on my wish (and struggle) to follow an eco-friendly sort of a life, and also on my crafting journey.

Until 2011 I believed I couldn’t do anything crafty at all. I’m not a perfectionist AT ALL (Oh how I wish I was, my sister in law and my best friend are both total perfectionists, and everything they ever make looks fabulous) so throughout school, whenever we did art or crafts I was useless. But in 2011, my wonderful mother in law helped me to make our beautiful wedding invitations, and i thought ‘hmmm…if I have clear instructions, and decent equipment, I can make some ok stuff.’ so since then I have tackled knitting, crochet (my crocheting got out of control, I have spent so many hours making blankets in 2012), some embroidery, and a variety of other bits I’ve seen on Pinterest. But this year I AM going to learn to sew. I’m desperate to make quilts, but I don’t even know how to sew on a button at the moment, so my task for this year is to learn. I have a sewing lesson booked next week, so watch this space!!

In other news, life here continues to be quite lovely. I still have a lovely husband who treats me much better than I deserve. Our house is lovely, and some of my crafts are starting to make it lovelier, and I have a wonderful new job. I am working for CLIC Sargent, a childrens cancer charity, based on the paediatric oncology ward in Southampton. I am still learning the job, but it is an incredible privilege to be on that journey with families, and to try to work with them through the darkest days anyone can imagine.

So I’m back, and i will continue to update on things that some of you might be interested in. If you’re not, that’s fine too!!


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