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Thrifty Thursdays : 5 uses for Coconut Oil

I dont like to be too much of a copycat, but my friend Mel ( and recent blog find and person i sort-of-know-through-other-people Lucy ( do something on their blogs called Thrifty Thursdays, and I have found them to be super inspiring, challenging, and sometimes pretty funny…its amazing what we’ll try out to save a few pence.

However, in the name of trying to be eco-friendly, as well as being a student and needing to be bank account friendly, some of these thrifty tips have come in useful, and the whole idea of ‘make do and mend’ as well as making my own things appeals to me greatly!!

So, my very first Thrifty Thursday tip is…

I have only just discovered coconut oil…having seen it for sale in our lovely little farmfoods store, I finally bought some last week to make my own toothpaste (4 tbsps coconut oil, 4 tbsps bicarb, 10 drops peppermint oil). I mentioned it on twitter, and suddenly got a new follow notification from a wonderfully bonkers account devoted to promoting the wonder and usefulness of this creamy goo!

A jar of coconut oil is not going to be the cheapest thing on your shopping list, but boy is it handy. So far, these are the things I’ve either tried or had reccomended (not just by the bonkers twitter people)

1) Making toothpaste. This takes a bit of getting used to as it doesnt froth like normal toothpaste, but my chompers DO feel clean and my breath hasnt yet caused comment from Matt so I’m seeing it as a winnner

2) Hair conditioner/air freshener. My very cool and highly gorgeous friend Chloe whacks some of this stuff on her hair in an evening, sleeps with it on (you def need to put a towel over the pillow), then wakes up and washes it out to reveal beautiful shiny and strong tresses. Her hair is serious envy-fodder so as I write, I have a head covered in oil just waiting to be rinsed. Its not a great look while its oily, but it did make our bedroom smell gorgeous!!

3) Diet aid. There are a few people I know who swear by this. Basically, coconut oil is the good kind of fat (I dont know enough science to explain it properly) so eating a couple of spoonfuls of this oil a day can actually help you lose weight, and can cancel out your cravings for other stuff. Its also proven to lower cholesterol so sounds good to me.

4) cooking/spreading. It can basically be used as an alternative to butter, and with all the health benefits listed above, get it in your cakes/on your toast. Im not yet convinced it’d be a winner on a corn on the cob but apart from that, I’m willing to give it a try

5) Skin care. Its just a great moisturiser. I whacked a bit on my lips this week instead of skanky chemically lip balm. Its actually sposed to be really good for eczema, and totally safe for use on babies bums

Seems like miracle juice to me

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