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I’m back!!

Hi there, it’s been a while…you’re looking fabulous by the way…

I’ve been a bit useless haven’t I?! I am hanging my head in shame of course. There are a couple of reasons for it. But the main one is that I was really good at blogging when I was at uni and when I was unemployed, but a full time job sure did hit me hard in terms of time to write, and indeed time to do most of the fun things I liked.

I’ve also struggled a bit with quite why I write a blog and what it should be about.  But new year and all that, i thought it was about time I get back in touch and I plan this year to continue filling you in, with a particular focus on my wish (and struggle) to follow an eco-friendly sort of a life, and also on my crafting journey.

Until 2011 I believed I couldn’t do anything crafty at all. I’m not a perfectionist AT ALL (Oh how I wish I was, my sister in law and my best friend are both total perfectionists, and everything they ever make looks fabulous) so throughout school, whenever we did art or crafts I was useless. But in 2011, my wonderful mother in law helped me to make our beautiful wedding invitations, and i thought ‘hmmm…if I have clear instructions, and decent equipment, I can make some ok stuff.’ so since then I have tackled knitting, crochet (my crocheting got out of control, I have spent so many hours making blankets in 2012), some embroidery, and a variety of other bits I’ve seen on Pinterest. But this year I AM going to learn to sew. I’m desperate to make quilts, but I don’t even know how to sew on a button at the moment, so my task for this year is to learn. I have a sewing lesson booked next week, so watch this space!!

In other news, life here continues to be quite lovely. I still have a lovely husband who treats me much better than I deserve. Our house is lovely, and some of my crafts are starting to make it lovelier, and I have a wonderful new job. I am working for CLIC Sargent, a childrens cancer charity, based on the paediatric oncology ward in Southampton. I am still learning the job, but it is an incredible privilege to be on that journey with families, and to try to work with them through the darkest days anyone can imagine.

So I’m back, and i will continue to update on things that some of you might be interested in. If you’re not, that’s fine too!!

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Thrifty Thursday – Getting my crochet on

So, Im a little embarassed about my last post…pretty emo…but its also true so for now I’m leaving it up.


However, in the meantime, I wanted to write a quick post about my new love – Crochet!!!

I learned in April (my mother in law is excellent and taught me in about ten minutes!!!) and immediately loved it! Unlike my knitting efforts last year, I quickly got the hang of crochet sufficiently to make stuff! and I love it. As I am currently living with unemployment (although I finally have a start date for my new job!!) its been a great way to fill the time without spending TOO much money.

Dont get me wrong, wool aint cheap. Or rather GOOD wool aint cheap. I learned this the hard way when I tried to use cheap wool from the post office and produced something that would only be appropriate at a Salvation Army Home League (if you’ve ever been to one, you know what I mean…the wool they use to knit little army ladies!!) However, for a special and personal gift, this is such a good investment! I made a blanket for my friend Carla to give her as a wedding present, one for my brother as a graduation gift (he wanted Lord of the Rings colours so it was manly…) and most recently a throw for my friends new house because she has bought charity shop furniture and wanted some things to make it more homely. To try to buy something THAT special and THAT personal, would cost me a whole ton more than the wool costs (I’ve never spent more than £30 on all the wool for one blanket) and I love making stuff for people I care about.

The stuff i’ve made isnt perfect, its pretty obviously home-made (mostly because I ignore most of the instructions about tension, and blocking, and what are other, probably very important, finishing touches) but its so cute! I’ve never been very creative, I cant draw or paint or come up with exciting ideas, but crochet is just about counting…and I can do that! and then somehow I have created something and I’m pretty darn proud of it.




















But then my previously mentioned excellent mother-in-law told me some stuff about prayer shawling. The idea of making something but praying over it, and praying for the person you’re making it for whilst you’re making it. And then them using it in their own prayers, like a big ol blessing they can just wrap themselves in, maybe when it’s just too hard to find the words to pray. Check this out  I think there’s something pretty beautiful about that, and it makes me even more excited about the crafting opportunities of this. Quite how it will continue once I’ve got a job will be interesting to see, but it definitely chills me out to sit and do this in front of the telly so I do think it’s something I’ll carry on with! I am sort of running out of people to make blankets for though, so might need to learn how to make something else soon!


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An Anniversary Craft

So this weekend is mine and Matt’s first wedding anniversary (more about that tomorrow). As I am currently still waiting to start a job, I dont have masses of cash to splash on a gift, and was struggling for inspiration. The first anniversary is ‘paper’ so I looked at various posters or books, but was struggling to find anything I could afford that he’d actually like.

However, our ‘study’ seems to be full of pics of Matt’s family. He collected a lot when he had his own flat to decorate, but I really dont have many pictures of my family, so the study had become a shrine to all things Williams. For a few weeks I’d thought it’d be good to get a big frame to put multiple pictures in so we could consolidate a bit. Also, photos are made of PAPER, so I felt i’d hit on an idea.  I looked at a few things like this

but I did sort of think it’d be nice to make something instead. So a couple of days ago on Pinterest I saw this…


ooooh that got me inspired, so I decided to have a go. My final result is not as snazzy as this, but it actually fits in really well with the decor in our house and I just think its super cute and personal. So I just got a plain pine frame, taped some string to the back of it and then starting pegging stuff. The only real expense was 1) the frame and 2) getting some lovely scrapbooking paper to make the letters. The photos are just printed at home onto photo paper and that means its very easy to change them when we have more up to date ones (I dont know if you can see, but one of the pics is of Matts brother and his wife in hospital after having their new baby on Sunday…we will have a better photo of the beautiful Lily soon!!) The total time spent was about an hour, and I think it looks pretty darn cool. Matt loves it and now we can put some of the older pics in a box or an album 🙂


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Its been too long

I am so sorry that it has been nearly two months since I blogged. But what a couple of months it has been!!!

When last writing I was in the middle of putting together my dissertation. The final 10,000 words for my degree. That was, honestly, one of the most horrible experiences of my university life, as being an extrovert, I dont cope well with long days sat at home attempting to write about stuff I dont fully understand!! But its done, and my degree is done, and within a couple of weeks I should know whether or not I’ve passed and then life begins I suppose.

So in a bid to put off the real life stuff (and to do lots of other fun stuff) the other reason I havent blogged is that Matt and I spent two and a half weeks in the USA. The initial reason for the trip was that I was Maid of Honour at the wedding of one of my very best friends in Atlanta. So we flew in for 3 days, fitted in a bridal shower and the rehearsal/rehearsal dinner and then went to the wedding. We had a wonderful few days and it was great to see someone I love so much looking so very happy! Carla is the nearest thing i’ve had to a sister, until I gained 3 lovely sisters-in-law last year, so it was a very happy day!!







Then we got to fly up to Spokane, which is where Matt’s two brothers live with their wives and our two super-cute nephews and one soon-to-be-born niece! We had two wonderful weeks with them, and it was so lovely for me to see Matt with his brothers. Matt is not the most naturally outgoing of people, so there is a side of him that I see but that is not evident with most other people. Not that he’s ever fake with people, just a bit reserved. So to see him with his family, at his most comfortable, was wonderful, and helped me to feel much more comfortable with them, although I didnt really know most of them before we went. It was also great to get to be Uncle Matt and Aunty Becca for a bit!!

One of the highlights of the trip for me was that Matt and I chose to take a couple of days out by ourselves and drive over to Montana which is two states over from where we were staying. A couple of our friends had visited a national park over there last summer and it looked like somewhere we shouldnt miss if we were nearby. Add that to the fact that I flippin’ love a good road trip, and we were golden! The drive took around 7 hours, and it was great to see some of the country and enjoy the views. However, Glacier National Park was our main attraction, and boy was it worth the drive. There are few times in my life that natural beauty has impacted me as profoundly as this did, but it was just incredible. Within moments of arriving we were greeted with the view below, and were both overwhelmed with the need to get on our knees to thank God and praise him for this incredible beauty! A genuinely life altering experience!!


But now we’re back in real life…which sucks! Now that I’m done with uni it’s time to find a job, and that is turning out to be a bit of a soul destroying experience in some ways. Aside from that, we’ve spent all our money in the states, so now I’m spending ever day just sitting at home, mostly crocheting a blanket to fill the time. Fun fun fun!! I dont cope well with nothingness, I found myself getting seriously fed up last summer when we got back from honeymoon to nothing, and ended up taking a crappy admin job for the summer to fill the time! I am WELL aware that once I do have a job I’ll long for these days, but right now I’m pretty bored and waiting for life to start! Hence there doesnt seem to be tons to blog about, but I am attempting to brew a Thrifty Thursday post for later…watch this space!!




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