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About Time

So this week I have felt like there have not been enough hours in the day or days in the week.

Next week marks the mid way point in my placement from uni, so I have a big meeting on Wednesday by which time I need to have finished up all of my assignments for the term and written a report about what I have achieved.

December started today, and weeks ago I bought a ‘Make Your Own Advent Calendar’ Kit which has been staring at me, and obviously needed to be ready for today.

I am doing lots of knitting of gifts for people for Christmas, which I love and find extremely relaxing, but its getting close to Christmas and nothing’s finished!!

We’re going away this weekend to visit two, if not three sets of friends, all of whom I’d really like to make cakes for…

Realistically, EVERYTHING takes precedence over essay writing for me, so I have beavered away getting my craft projects underway, but all the while the essays have been nagging at me, so much so that one night I couldnt sleep and ended up getting up for two hours to write…none of the wordst written post-11pm were any good and have since been totally re-written.

I should also be involved in a million and one things at church I’m sure, and I just KEEP letting people down because I dont feel I have time to stay on top of everything.

I wish I wasnt such a procrastinator, or…to say it as it really is…I wish I wasnt so lazy. I wish I had used my study days this term dilligently reading books and making notes so that writing the essays would be a matter of compiling and wording rather than frantically trying to find quotes to fit what I want to say.

I wish I could manage on less than 8 (or if I want to be perky, 9) hours sleep per night, so I could use those extra hours to do all of the things around the house I should be doing.

And then loads of my friends look at me and say ‘Just wait til you have kids…’

I wish I had more time

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Im not doing well at posting

Im snowed under with uni work right now, and although Im not doing much of it, I’m also not doing anything else, because every time I start something I feel guilty that I should be working…

But here’s a little something that made me smile…

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